Available Boas

Important note about my boas - I'm a very conservative feeder. If you have never purchased an animal from me then you should know that my boas will be extremely healthy but they will appear as much as two years smaller than power fed animals. My target was for females to breed at 5-7 years and males at 3-5. I had many successful breedings whereby the female was 9-12 lbs. They lost very little weight and were almost always ready to breed the next season. I've had many customers receive my "small" boas and immediately increase their feeding schedule and they grew rapidly because they had a strong musculoskeletal foundation from being grown slowly in their early years.

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Sex DOB Genetics Price
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Breeders (of breeding age, size, most are proven breeders with at least one season off)
F 8-22-07 Jungle $950 Available
Sarena-Lorenzo F1 F 4-21-12 Hypo Marron $2,875 Sold
Anika-Armando M2 M 3-14-12 Jungle (Red Group) $825 Available
M 7-29-07 Jungle (Red Group) $625 Available
Ivory-Paco F3 F 5-28-10 Jungle het Blonde T+ (Caramel) $875 Available
Donita-Carlos M2 M 4-10-12 Jungle (Red Group) $775 Available
Younger Animals
Dominika-Alberto F1 F 4-7-16 Jungle $975 Sold
Cassie-Carlos M1 M 4-21-15 Hypo Harlequin Jungle $875 Available
Ivana-Antero F3 F 3-15-15 Hypo Harlequin Jungle $750 Available
Ivana-PAM6 M2 M 4-22-16 Jungle $625 Available
Coco-Carlos M5 M 5-19-14 Jungle Marron $1,275 Available
Tierra-AAM2 M3 M 4-8-16 Jungle $625 Available
Tierra-AAM2 M1 M 4-8-16 Jungle $625 Sold
Tierra-AAM2 M5 M 4-8-16 Jungle $625 Available
Ivana-PAM6 M4 M 4-22-16 Jungle $625 Available
Savonna-Omar F1 F 7-12-13 Jungle Blonde T+ (Caramel) $825 Available
Tierra-AAM2 F5 F 4-8-16 Jungle $625 Available
Micah-Ramero F1 F 6-3-14 Hypo Jungle (Summit & Red Group) $575 Sale Pending
Coco-Carlos F2 F 5-19-14 Jungle Marron $975 Available
Coco-Carlos F8 F 5-19-14 Marron $875 Available
Tierra-AAM2 M9 M 4-8-16 Jungle $475 Available
Dominika-Alberto F7 F 4-7-16 Jungle $525 Available
Dominika-Alberto M3 M 4-7-16 Jungle $450 Available
Rana-Santana F4 F 4-28-13 Squaretail Super Jungle $475 Available
Ivana-PAM6 F5 F 4-22-16 Jungle $550 Available
Ruby-Rolando M3 M 2-17-14 Hypo Harlequin Aztec $550 Available